Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 8.02.53 PMI have been working for Beaducation for almost three months now.  I realize I am very happy, and I am learning everyday how important it is to appreciate ones job.  I feel grateful to work with such a kind and talented team.  The people I encounter at work are real, and intelligent and awesome.  It feels great to be a part of that team.  The above photo is a pendant I made for the DIY Projects on the Beaducation site.  I get to make things to inspire people to use the products.  It’s a pretty fabulous job and I don’t think I will be forgetting that anytime soon.

I’m a Friday Feature Artist (somewhere)!

So I got featured in a cute blog, called I bleed heart.  I feel lucky that someone found me on Etsy out of all the crafters that are on there!  I figured I would repost the interview here too.

 I Bleed Heart
You’ll love this week’s featured Etsy shop! Taryn from tomgirl jewelry is located in Sunny San Mateo, California and crafts exquisite leather jewelry in gorgeous color combinations! She was even kind enough to offer 20% off to all of the blog readers through June with coupon code IBLEEDHEART. When you see her work, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist! OH! And May 10th is the official “support handmade” day! 😉
Thank you, Taryn, for allowing me to feature you! 
Tell me a little bit about your history with art and how you got started with leather.

I have always been creative, and I am lucky to have a mother who values creativity; so I have been crafting since I was tiny. I studied art in college at Alfred University in Upstate New York, and ended up focusing on Glassblowing and Woodworking (which I love), but a few years later I decided to go abroad to London, England and study  shoemaking, at Cordwainers within the London College of Fashion. I fell in love with leather. I worked for a couple shoe companies, and enjoyed designing shoes, but I prefer to be hands on, and ultimately I found it was more fun to fit people’s ears (and necks) than it was to fit their feet. I stayed working with leather, but migrated north, towards ears. 

So, what inspired you to start selling on Etsy?
I would consider myself an entrepreneur through and through. I was selling fimo necklaces and safety pin bracelets in the 6th grade to anyone who would look at me! When I found out about Etsy, and how it was a fabulous online crafting marketplace, I was elated! I only wish I would have found out about it sooner, or it had been around when I was in the 6th grade. I might have been a bit more popular!


Turquoise, Teal and Gold Hand Cut Leather Earrings – $68
Do you have any goals for your shop?
I love my little Etsy shop, but my main goal in life is to be creative and enjoy being. I work as a jewelry designer for an online company called I am in charge of the DIY Designs, and I feel so happy there, that it keeps me content doing TOM girl Jewelry on the side. Things stay fresh for me doing various jobs that all feel fulfilling; it means I never get sick with any one of them. So, I am content to let my Etsy shop grow in a natural way, and I will keep making things, which is what I do best. 

All of your work is gorgeous and wish I could buy them all! Is there a particular item in your shop that you favorite? 

OH… I really do love them all! It’s funny because I get to make things custom for myself and match colors to strange patterned dresses and off beat outfits, but at the end of the day, I love wearing a simple pair with a tee-shirt or a metallic cascade. So, I guess my favorite item would be a pair of long gold cascades.

Long Gold Metallic Leather Cascade Earrings – $68
I love those gold earrings! Do you have a favorite part of the creating process?
I love finding new ways to do things. I excel with challenges. I used to work for a women’s clothing company called Anthropologie doing display work for them. I realized as I was working there, that I am fast, and can switch gears even faster! I love challenges, I love showing people that anything is possible, and I love that there are many ways to do the same thing. I get excited when I start a new project. I think, I can do this, or this or even THIS, and ultimately, my excitement is magnified, because each way is totally right!

I’m completely impressed (and a little jealous) that you worked for Anthropologie doing their displays! 
Do you have social media links, or a blog of your own that you would like to share?

Pinterest :
Instagram :
Tumblr :
I used to have a blog, but I can’t seem to keep up with everything these days! I applaud you for your work and diligence in having and maintaining a blog! Instagram has been my new addiction these days, I love seeing all the visual updates and just scrolling through pictures! I also try and post discounts and coupons on Facebook, so if anyone is interested in those sorts of things, go ahead and “like” me on facebook (you will make me so happy)!


Multicolor Flower Leather Necklace – $225
Do you sell in any brick and mortar shops or have any arts festivals coming up?
I am going to be at Bazaar Bizarre SF THIS month. May 18th and 19th. It’s a fun craft fair that is also a part of Maker 
Faire, which is HUGE and very diverse. If anyone is in the Bay Area, it’s a fun place to
I also have a few brick and mortar shops around. Luckily Etsy has made it possible for people to find me to sell wholesale, which is great. 

Wake-Up Little Suzie, Washington, DC
Bill’s Trading Post & Gem Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Deslie, Miyako Island, Japan


Hand Cut Lime and Gold Leather Leaf Earrings – $32
Tomgirl Jewelry has so much more to offer than what you see here, so head on over to her shop by clicking on any of the photos. Don’t forget your coupon code!

Water color Wrapping Paper


I like to recycle as much as possible and I love, LOVE to pinch a penny (They so cute.) !  Here are some of the patterns I painted this Christmas for wrapping paper.   All you have to do is use your brown paper shopping sacks.  Cut out the bottom so you can then cut up the seam, and they will lie flat for you to paint.  If you are really set on making it as fancy as possible, you can hit them with a hot iron and they will look like you bought them (where?  I have no idea).  I love this, as it has a lovely finished look when all is done.  People feel special to have hand painted gift wrapped presents AND you save money.  WIN, WIN, WIN!

Matching Aprons



For my best friend, Christine’s birthday I wanted to make her something cute that she could wear with her lovely little daughter, Julia.  My mom and I used to wear matching outfits and although lots of people think this is totally lame, I LOVED IT.  I always felt like such an adult wearing some sort of iteration of my mom’s clothes.  My mom was also a huge fan of sets and it was fun to be part of a “set”.  I purchased an apron from Anthropologie a while back, and when the matching cloth napkins went on sale I took this as a sign to make a matching little apron for Julia.  This is an image of the project completed.