10 images for upcoming scholarship and statement.

  1. Taryn O. McCabe                                                 Artist Statement

I look at the button, an everyday, commonplace item, and how it signifies more than just a useful object. My collections speak of a time when things were not mass produced. With so much being factory-made, the genuine act of creating something by hand is unique as well as empowering.

It is with my labor, care, and studies that I imprint tangible narratives such as old lace, tablecloths, pillowcases, and handkerchiefs within handmade porcelain buttons.  My work is a collection which is not actually “collected” but created; a personal history that embraces feminism through femininity. Knitting, crocheting, tatting and embroidery are all skills with feminine overtones that are present in my work, referencing delicacy, repetition and a feminine history.

Taryn O. McCabe 2009 work
Taryn O. McCabe 2009 work

It’s always something.  As if it is not enough to get work done for the end of the semester – now I have scholarship deadlines in hopes of getting money and recognition.  Well, here is the new crop of work.  Feel free to recognize me or give me money!


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