I got the bag gimmies – solution – MAKE ONE!

Rainbows and other loveliness

So, as the year-end reviews for my second year MFA work inch ever closer (two weeks!), I find myself more and more productive in the art of procrastinating!  Fortunately my modes of procrastination do no involve my new red TV or shopping – but I still find myself with a bad case of the gimmies.  As the weather turns to spring and everyone looks so damned cute I feel the need to accessorize as  I want to be a pretty peacock too!  My newest want is an oversized bag.  I went to Forever21 because that is my price range – but after grazing over the 35 dollar bags I was not impressed.  So, I left empty handed and busted out my quilting and leather supplies and ended up making my NEW RAINBOW QUILTED, RED LEATHER OSTRICH  PRINT, JEAN LINED with BABY PURSE inside BAG. Whew, what a mouth full – not to mention, an arm full!  Sometimes after so many hours of bonding with whatever it is I am creating I wonder at the finished product.  Is this something I would EVER buy?  Do I just love it because it is basically my offspring?  Who knows, I can’t rightly tell if this bag is HIDEOUS or MARC JACOBS-Y.  I love it.


2 thoughts on “I got the bag gimmies – solution – MAKE ONE!

  1. IT is not hideous! I covet it! I love it! I wish I had one that was a little smaller. Good thing my birthday is not far away!!!

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