I had a FABULOUS time at RENEGADE SF this past weekend. Not only was it a great way to spend the weekend but I got to hang out with three of my favorite people, my mom, my best sister and my best friend. It was great. We got the booths set up beautifully and throughout the day we got to take turns shopping around and making trades – and MAN did I make out like a bandit! I got fantastic things from

Dutch Door Press –

Garbella –                  

Mel McCabe –           

Red Boots Press –    

Sycamore Street Press –

Tasi jewelry –             &

Wear Yeti –                 

Trading is the way to go! TAKE THE POWER OUT OF MONEY and MAKE YOUR OWN by exchanging talents/goods. It made me feel higher than a kite to get home with so much booty – and not only am I thrilled with my new wondrous treasures – BUT I now have six individuals out there MODELING my wears too. It’s pretty rad.

Dutch Door Press is a Fantastic San Francisco based Letter press design studio that makes fantastic prints and cards. They are extremely talented and great with custom orders ( you should have seen my friend’s wedding invitations – I kept mine they were so pretty) Here is one of the cards that I got.


Garbella is a ONE woMAN BAND based out of Pittsburgh, PA. She hand prints beautiful clothes, books, clocks and accessories all by herself. I love her shirts, scarves and scored a clock this time around, It is a bike gear and it is called “the engagement ring”. All of her things are so lovely and I am hoping the next time around to trade for one of her beautiful lace bird print tops (SO PRETTY).


Mel McCabe is one of my favorite jewelry designers and so talented she blows my mind. She is based in the Bay Area and makes beautiful bobbles from high quality gemstones and gold and silver. I got a pair of Ruby cascades that I love so much I’m tempted to sleep in them I don’t want to take them off!


Red Boots Design was created by Erin Boyd. She is based in Bellingham, Washington. She is very talented and very prolific! Erin was the only one who asked to trade with me and MADE MY DAY as I loved her stuff from the get-go but didn’t want to ruffle her feathers with the bother of a trade as she was next to us at the fair! (you know, if you ask and someone says no, you just run away – but you can’t run away from someone sitting right next to you.) So I got an AWESOME black sweatshirt with a road bike printed at the bottom – I LOVE IT!


Sycamore Street Press is another letter press run by a good looking couple named Eva and Kirk. I saw them immediately and pressured them to trade about 5 times throughout the show until Eva finally took me up on it (probably for fear that I might follow them home and stalk them – I was a bit pesky). They make these FABULOUS letter press FRAMES in bold colors. I got three and can’t wait to dress up my home with these beauties.


Tasi was my favorite jewelry booth at the fair (other than my sister’s and mine). They are another SISTER duo who make the most fabulous jewelries EVER! They are based out of Portland, Or and have a great look that includes faceted, beautiful gemstones with oxidized silver and other precious metals. I got a pair of hoops with lemon quartz rondelles that will make you cry they are so exquisite!


And last but not least is Wear Yeti. I first saw their great Shirts at Indi Mart and asked if they wanted to trade but was shut down. So when I saw them here I went back 3 times to pester a trade. At the final hour my prayers were answered with a super cool black and gold hounds tooth T that makes me so happy! Long live persistence.


We also had way too much fun with Magnolia’s photo booth! ( )This booth is so great it makes you WANT TO GET MARRIED just so you can BOOK EM! Or crash someone’s party/event so you can rock out in the booth.

magnolia photo booth
magnolia photo booth

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