DIY Anthropologie aka Bougainvillea THIS!

Okay – who is not in love with Designsponge? It is the best blog in the world and I have gotten to the point where I cannot go about my life without a daily check in – LOVE IT! BUT, let’s get real with cost. Sometimes the under 100 dollar category leaves me less than high (emotionally) but totally high (as in high and dry and left behind). SO – I like to modify stuff. This next post might be slightly illegal – but who gives a shit. I originally saw this switch plate featured on designsponge and LOVED IT. BUT, I will not SHELL OUT 24 BUCKS for a switch plate made in CHINA – and quite honestly (and judgmentally) neither should you! SO – here is the link . . .

Bougainvillea what?

And here is a picture of my versions.

Bougainvillea THIS!
Bougainvillea THIS!

OKAY – so I obviously do not have the lovely metal frame OR the mother of pearl, but who really cares. What I did involves two options. The first one I printed out the image and just glued it on to my 79 cent plastic one and the second, I splurged for those $3.99 plastic photo frame plates and stuck the image in – they both suit me just fine and for a fraction of the cost!
That’s what I call going GREEN! Well, sort of.

I was pleased


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