FINALLY – Before and Afters

Okay, so I am finally getting around to posting images of my NEW EXCITING kitchen! This summer was a great time for me to get caught up with house repairs and improvements. I was so giddy with my new digs – but I must say it is not exactly the before and after effect that one gets on those design shows where everyone gets new furniture and all. So, here are my mini make-overs. I hope you can tell the differences.

Ze Lovey Kitchen
Ze Lovey Kitchen

What is a Chair Guard? Does it guard the chairs? Does it guard the wall from your Chairs? DOES IT GUARD THE WALL FROM SCRAPES? HELL NO! Well, maybe a little bit on the last one – but then again, HELL NO! A chair guard is that lovely boarder that is breaking up the color in my dining area. I love it – it is so nice, and let me just tell you if someone where to hit is with a chair – I’d probably castrate them. šŸ™‚

These are close ups on all my little details – I have my Amy Pina original (isn’t it beautiful), my spray painted bottle vases (one with rosemary so it smells nice too) and my red collection (complete with fire extinguisher! Thanks Loren!).
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One thought on “FINALLY – Before and Afters

  1. wow it looks amazing! i like the painting hanging above the dining table and of course i love the framed buttons.

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