I have been wanting to have a fantastic studio to work in. This summer I finally got around to making it happen. I am still planning on making this table more work-able. I would like to make it taller and a bit bigger. BUT now, I have a lovely laminate floor (that I DID MYSELF)! I still have to add the base boards – and I will – soon.


I would LOVE those swanky recessed lights (I think they are called canned? I don’t know) – but I decided to go with something a bit more economical – so I gots me some fairy lights!

oh my.
oh my.

3 thoughts on “WORK ROOM!

  1. hey taryn – actually canned lights are not super expensive (about $20-30 a piece) from your local building goods store, even cooler are the adjustable spot lights (about the same price) which can adjusted to focus light in your space… the expense is the electrician who you’ll need to wire things up – but they sure are cool once installed.

    updates look awesome.~!

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