So this week has been jam packed with loads of work, birthdays, projects, preparation to climb half dome and my exciting cake decorating class that I took with my mom! It was a fun night. we got to learn loads of cake decorating tidbits – like dots, stars, lines, BASKET WEAVE, gardenias, leaves and ROSES!!! I loved it to say the least. At the end of the class we all got our own personal-mini, two layer cake, and we got to decorate it any way we wanted! I was in heaven. Here is a detail of my master piece.

loverly, eh?
loverly, eh?

I would totally recommend this class for ANYONE. It is taught out of a San Mateo bakery called Kathy’s Kreative Kakes and Kathy herself teaches the class. She is not only beautiful, but super nice, knowledgeable and has some awesome, heartwarming stories to boot! It was funny, there was only one man in the entire class of around 20 women, and I think because he was a man everyone thought he was SO GOOD. Well, let me tell you, he wasn’t. He was just a man who did some lattice work on the cake – but if he did not have that one appendage between his legs no one would have thought it looked that great. So, if you are a man and want an ego boost – go join a cake decorating class and everyone will ooh and ahh at your work. I sure didn’t (and probably wouldn’t over yours [blog reading man]) I was way too impressed with my own stuff!


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