Happy Four Year Anniversary – again

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Happy Four Year Anniversary – The end
Amy and me.
So, today is October 20th, 2009. The day my Cross Country Bike trip officially ended. Today (four years ago) was the day that Amy and I woke up in Davis, California and bicycled to San Francisco, our ultimate destination. The night before, as we rolled into Davis, we were stopped by a professor. He was also on a bike and wanted to talk with us as we were a very approachable duo with fully loaded bicycles. Turns out he had a son attending Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pa and Amy knew him and some of his friends. The Professor was really nice and gave us a tip on where to stay. He recommended that we go and seek out “the Dome People”. It’s a somewhat hippy, dippy school housing program were the folks that live there have to make domes and live in them (something like that). We found them and saw that they were having a community meal and they included us. We then were offered MANY options on where to stay. Most of them were by men and included bubble baths, chocolate and wine and although that all sounds fabulous now – it was a bit creepy at the time and we opted to sleep under the stars in a half way finished dome that was the home to a rat. (We didn’t know the last part – and might have reconsidered our choices had we known we were sleeping with a rat! What can you do?)

As usual, I had a five am wake up call from my body and had to knock on one of the Dome People’s doors to use the facility. As luck would have it I picked the one hippy who didn’t believe in doors and had to do my morning business somewhat in the open. I didn’t totally mind – or really, I couldn’t be bothered, because at that point I was just pleased to be in contact with a toilet. Amy thought it was pretty hysterical though as she came into the dome to use the restroom after me and was privy to my event.

After that, our day was perfect. Beautiful weather, Bright blue sunny skies. We had a deadline to catch the last ferry that would take us across the bay as the bridges near us were motor vehicles bridges only. Once we were on the ferry we were STARVED and unpacked our last bit of trail mix. We were soon joined by one of the ferry guys, a young, handsome man named Augustino. He was chatty and kept eye-balling our trail mix, but I KNEW Amy was thinking the same thing I was – He didn’t just ride 40 miles and we are NOT going to be “considerate” and share, because we NEED this food”. Well, NEED is a little strong. You see, after 2 months of living and biking with Amy we really could read each other’s minds. After eating every last bit of chocolate from the trail mix I thought to myself “It wouldn’t really matter now if Augustino helped himself,” and sure enough after the last M&M was popped, Amy offered Augustino a dip into our food. It cracked me up.

After disembarking the ferry I proceeded to take Amy through a horrific stretch of road. I was unaware of bike routes from the City to the Peninsula and so I took her on some illegal bits of high way. It was scary to say the least. (That was the only part I was responsible to figure out and I sort of failed) But we made it. I was so excited to make it home, to see my childhood house after bicycling for two months. I hoped off my bike and said “AMY WE MADE IT” and began to go to the door. Amy stopped me and said – “Wait a minute – we’re here, we finished.” And we both started crying. It was an incredible adventure.


One thought on “Happy Four Year Anniversary – again

  1. Hi TOM,

    I am so glad you share stories such as this. I am glad you have such stories in your life to share.


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