MAN, I had the best time at Thursday’s CulturSHOCK. It was a fantastic evening with loads of high points. One of these high points was that the beautiful Ellen came out and I got to spend a lovely evening hanging with her. Ellen and (my stunning sister) Mel, came and worked the crowd as glamorous models decked out in TOMgirl Jewelry – that was great! I also shared an area with Vanessa Gade, she is an extremely talented local jewelry designer and even though she is exceptionally talented, she has not let it go to her head. I had a great time getting to know her and salivating over her beautiful jewelies. At the end of the night we had both agreed to a TRADE and I got myself my own Vanessa Gade Original! It’s the one in the picture! Check out her work on the link I posted. I wore a necklace thinking I might peak someone’s interest in purchasing a necklace when they saw how loverly it looked on – and low and behold I sold the necklace right off my neck… TWICE!!!!!! (different necklaces) That was pretty fantastic! Eden Stein also made it out. She is a local entrepreneur and runs Secession SF, a super cool shop in the Mission that is currently showcasing both mine and Vanessa’s work (check it out if you get a chance, it is really worth it!). Much thanks to Sarah Wood and Michael Moreau of CulturCosm. They put a lot of work into the evening and I loved every moment of it!


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