Now this is just getting crazy

Okay – now I am just procrastinating. I HAVE TO GET TO WORK! But, this is a lot of fun putting down all the stuff that catches my eye – although looking through this stuff it looks as though I might be channeling Rainbow Brite – what evs. This also makes me laugh because I just got my show cards in the mail – I am getting excited to be graduating – but that might not even happen if I just piss away my life making “gimmie lists” and posting them on my blog- BUT I realized on my show cards that I did not put ANY sort of contact info. My website is VERY OUTDATED so I did not want to put that down and then I thought – “well, I could have put my blog” but then – look what people would be viewing. So, no, that would not work either. So I will have to be content to just have the show cards and people will have to google me. That works. In the meantime, from nation of Procrasta –

Rings – $135.00
Necklace – $65.00
Shoes – $69.00
Trench – $478.00 !!

Total – $747.00

WHOA – looks like I am doing better this time!


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