I Just Need to Make it Through This Week

Man alive. What does that mean? I have no clue but I can’t stop saying it – I think it might have something to do with saving people and alerting the masses that there is someone ALIVE! I think I might need some saving this week. I’m working, I have a night class – I have my big Thesis Defense and Review. I have a more work and a meeting with a jewelry buyer. Then I have an “informal” presentation to give about the show that apparently will be recorded and POSTED on Youtube… how informal could it be – it will be immortalized on youtube forever. (or at least until the next big thing comes and shoots youtube out of the water). First Friday, Art Murmur in Oakland… I am really looking forward to that and… it is Mother’s day this next weekend and I have to (get to) make gifts, which I always love to do – but I just have to make sure I make the time.
here is my list (lists always help me feel better)
1. Thesis revisions
2. graduating paperwork to turn in Tuesday
3. bills
4. finish up Teaching Assistant responsibilities for NYC trip
5. prepare for Graduate Reviews (Tuesday)
6. go to and complete Graduate Review.
7. work and night class on Monday (makes for a 14 hour day)
8. laundry
9. mother’s day gifts
10. Art presentation in gallery for youtube…

I think that about does it.
The thing that makes this all so hard is that I really just want to hang out and eat ice cream instead.


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