The Unevent

Not nothingness, just simple nothings.
car rides with the radio on, playing a song you know.
Going home.
Having a good day at work.
Having a normal day at work, even a bad day – one you know that will make you laugh or cry later.
walking nowhere.
Looking at planes – thinking about where they are going, knowing that the next time I take a flight to anywhere I will look down and know there is someone looking up and thinking of the whereabouts of my plane.
Cleaning my house and bringing order to my life.
Decorating my home – Changing my home. Owning my autistic-ness and attributing it to my creativeness.
Over-eating and then just being.
Frozen yogurt outings to Yummy Yogurt. ice cream by the tub.
Pizza – a whole pie and friends – eating it in 8 minutes, but remembering it forever – I can think of two pizza places right now that are tattooed in my mind. One is in Alfred, NY and the other is in Pittsburgh, PA.
Soaking my feet – painting my nails.
Cutting my hair.
Darning my sweaters.
I love this shit
These are my unevents.
I love them– I look forward to them. I cherish my time and the ease of these things. When I am in them – right in the middle – sometimes I am aware that they will not last – someday I might have more pressing things that will not allow for this list and, then, a different list of unevents will take priority.
I am tired of spending time with people who chase events. Looking, looking, looking. What do you see? In my life I am the main event. The feature.
The Unevent.


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