Cha cha Changes

Something is in the air. I am so tired and when I look around my home I feel as though I am turning into a hoarder. It is not good and it feels bah. I think I need to make more time to cleaning up and bettering my life and surroundings, by taking the time to be mindful and patient. This is the summer that things get done.

here is my list.
1. CLEAN – kitchen (fridge and organize all things in it and my cabinets)
2. CLEAN – my back work room and get it looking GOOD
(maybe a surf board rack on the wall?…)
3. I would LOVE to fix my fireplace and put in a mantel but that might be too much money… maybe
4. Have a termite inspection.
5. PAINT my bedroom – all white with a nice splash wall.
6 & 7. ORGANIZE my closets
8. ORGANIZE my business crap
9. PAINT my fridge (this is just something I dream about too much so it has to happen)
10. have a carpet estimate?
11. fix the termite damage

that’s way enough. yikes.


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