Late, Late, Sleepy time is the Best time to watch The Bachelorette

This man is on the show, for now
love me for myself, not my looks
Yes. It is true. You should watch terrible reality television when it is late and you are half way checked out, and so sleepy that everything is funny. Last night my sister and I stayed up pretty late to watch the first installment of The Bachelorette. It is aweful/awesome. I do not care much for the Bachelorette, Allie, but Mel likes her, so I am sure I will soon enough. My favorite parts of the night were when one of the “gentlemen” on the show yelled
“If you can’t take the heat, get out of the oven!”
I loved this so much I am still chuckling. I thought to myself “what if I CAN take the heat – should I get back in the oven!” or, maybe you can just substitute other kitchen appliances to make this even funnier, like…
“If you can’t take the heat get out of the microwave!” what?-
Man. So funny. Also, Allie kept mixing up the words “I” and “me” which I am beginning to realize is definably a pet peeve of mine. It wasn’t so bad until she said
“me, myself have no problem with that”
aw, “me, myself” yeah, it might have been funnier last night.


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