Design Sponge . WTH

Oh No DesignSponge
Oh No DesignSponge
What the Hell is going on with Design Sponge? G.D. it. I am so strangely affected by the change of it all. So I go to check it out with an open mind. I think to myself, come on, so it’s a different color – GET OVER IT. But here is the deal – I am learning that “little” things like background color have BIG repercussions, because now I see that Grace has posted some sort of lighty top on the site.
What the What?
I don't get it. at all.
It is literally a lamp shirt and it is HEINOUS. What is going on? I mean it IS bad – so bad that I think Grace Bonney is unconsciously affected by the bad look of the site and posting bad things. AND, (I do believe this is a by-product of my graphic design job) when the top (hideous) ribbons come on, when you look from different angles, the Photoshop to clean it up was not done correctly so you have this weird shadow-y stuff that does not blend with the background. I wish I could get over all this. I have to get over it. But it is so hard, something I loved so much and found escape to and solace from other “life stuff” has changed too much and not for the better.
I also want an Iphone so badly I could spit nails.


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