Life is Busy.

Too busy. And it keeps getting increasingly busy. I wish there was some way to slow down, but I don’t know how. I was watching Portlandia the other day and there was a sketch about a vicious cycle of technology and I am in it. I was watching netflix while playing solitaire on my phone and facebooking. I have to keep up with emails, status updates, tweets, etsy sales, work updates, G-chats, messages, phone calls, work, homeowners association updates, it’s so hard, but the alternative is to fall out of it.
wait. whatever. This blog is another thing to keep up with. Shee-it. BUT what I would like to do is give updates on what I am doing at work, cause it’s fun. here goes

I got called to work in Corte Madera at the ANthropologie there. I built the backdrops for the windows. I built, stretched, and painted these bad boys.


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