Taryn McCabe Etsy Shop
Keeping up with the handmade goods on TOMgirl

I took a four hour nap this past Saturday.  It was amazing.  It was so great that I told everyone who would listen about the nap, and one friend said that a four hour nap is pretty much a full night’s sleep!  I don’t  agree, but it was an indulgence, one I may have needed.  With so much going on and keeping up at work, I was reflecting on how I have still been able to keep up with Etsy.  I added new items to my shop this week and I have been getting good responses.  I had a few sales and I looked at the website of the shop that picked me up in Japan, GINGER, and it looks as though some of their TOMgirl jewelry has sold out!  That made me pretty excited.  Not to mention it’s just fun to see my stuff is out there in the world, internationally!

Taryn McCabe is Big in Japan
I'm still big in Japan. This is Taryn McCabe, Tomgirl Jewelry



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