March 23. Two months till May 23. Big Day.

I feel lucky.  Life is good.  Even when I get overwhelmed it is good.  Today was a crazy day.  I am working on a display to go above the cash wrap area in the store and it is kicking my b-hind.  Here is a sneak peak of it.  It is laying on the floor of the fitting rooms.  It goes up tomorrow, so it’s not like I am ruining some big unveiling, but technically it is NOT up yet.  So… this IS a sneak peak.

fabric rolled plaid
Taryn McCabe does a strange quilted/rolled plaid thing

It is intended to be plaid.

I did a load of laundry that was all cashmere sweaters on Sunday.  I did it on delicate and then laid out all the sweaters in my living room and bed.  I blocked them, and they look GREAT.  The only thing is, trying to get so much done at work, I tend to crash out afterwards, so all the sweaters are exactly where I have left them.  I can’t seen to muster up the energy to fold and put them away. I even slept under a few the past couple nights (4).

I DID do a little late night shopping last night.  I justified it by saying it was an early birthday gift for myself! I am getting giddy about my birthday.  I can’t wait.  I want to have a roller skating birthday party and then have cake at my house after.  The late night shopping is from a company called Bunny Butt Apothecary.  I really love their stuff.  I treated myself to a deodorant and a matching fragrant oil.  I like having sets and their stuff smells so awesome.  I always wondered why deodorant did not come in perfumes, or I mean why perfumes do not make deodorants.  Like why don’t they just make channel 5 in all forms?  My mom says they do in Paris.  Ah, Paris.  I don’t believe you use deodorant, what a waste.


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