Water color Wrapping Paper


I like to recycle as much as possible and I love, LOVE to pinch a penny (They so cute.) !  Here are some of the patterns I painted this Christmas for wrapping paper.   All you have to do is use your brown paper shopping sacks.  Cut out the bottom so you can then cut up the seam, and they will lie flat for you to paint.  If you are really set on making it as fancy as possible, you can hit them with a hot iron and they will look like you bought them (where?  I have no idea).  I love this, as it has a lovely finished look when all is done.  People feel special to have hand painted gift wrapped presents AND you save money.  WIN, WIN, WIN!


One thought on “Water color Wrapping Paper

  1. These are marvelous!!! Simply marvelous! For so long I have been mailing things to places far away using forlorn grocery bags sent off in the world without color decoration…. Cutting the bottoms out, removing handles ( the irons a great idea) however, it never occurred to me to iron the paper.
    Excellent tip. Thanks. And to add color patterns …pure happy econossieur genius! mil gracias!

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