Tina Fey. I love you.

Taryn McCabe Loves Tina Fey
I love you Tina Fey, Love, Taryn Mccabe

Dear Tina Fey;

One of my friends gave me your book for a birthday present. It made me so happy, and I think of this gift as one of my favorites this year. I think so highly of you. When I got to the section in your book that addressed letters I thought “here we go – I can’t wait to have some feel-good moments and share in how much everyone loves Tina”. I was so mad at the people and their comments (yet impressed with your responses). This section in your book inspired me to write you the type of letter that I just assumed every American intended to write you.

I think you are great. I am so happy when I am being entertained by you. I think you are beautiful. I realize you might not want this responsibility, but I feel you are the BEST and most amazing role model that is out there. I am happy to watch 30 Rock, and SNL when you host, and read your book. All these things make me even happier and more proud to be a woman. I feel like you get it (whatever “it” is). I feel you are so smart, witty, fast, beautiful and insightful. You are the full package and I feel like the world is better because of you and your work.

Here is where I get creepy. I had a dream about you. We were best friends and we went to In-n-Out Burger. It was a great time and when I woke up I was so happy. It took me a moment to realize the adventure was not real and it was only just a dream. That dream made me think that we would be best friends if we were ever to meet in real life.

My friend, Jenni and I talk about you. We share that you are the best thing on TV and you are awesome. I think even the people who share sucky shit about you on those blogs you included in your book secretly love you because, what is NOT to love about you?

So Tina Fey, this has become a love letter. Here it is – the short version.
I love you Tina Fey.
Taryn O. McCabe


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